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Master thesis available

Master Thesis

Students are invited to join our research group for a challenging research thesis in cutting edge research topics in bioinformatics.

A good student at the end of thesis is expected to achieve results that are published in international conferences or Journals. Most of the proposed theses are related to cooperation research groups at national or international level, and may require to interact with researchers of different disciplines (statisticians, biologists, computer scientists). Such interactions are usually very useful for future job placement.

The main requirements for starting a thesis are both the personal motivation and a strong academic curriculum, especially for the exams related to informatics, statistics, and bioinformatics.

The following list regards just the research topics related to our proposals of theses. The precise topic of the thesis will be discussed with the mentor and depends not only on the student academic background, but also on his skills and interests.

The effective duration of a thesis depends mainly on the student effort. A very good student is able to achieve the results corresponding to a thesis, that will evaluated very well, through a full-time effort of about 6-8 months.

  • Reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks
  • Non coding RNA functional discovery
  • Patients stratification
  • GPU Parallelization of bioinformatics algorithms
  • Gene fusion detection in altered pathways
  • Driver mutation discovery
  • Biomarker discovery
Finished theses
Student Advisor Graduated Thesis
Alessia Russo Luigi Cerulo December 2015
Mario Cangiano Michele Ceccarelli November 2015
Maria Teresa Noviello Michele Ceccarelli February 2015 Reconstruction of a high confident gene regulatory network in the context of mESC
Simona Migliozzi Michele Ceccarelli February 2015 Integrative Systems Biology Approaches in Tumor Samples Stratification: a case study in the context of Gliomas
Antonella Di Liddo Luigi Cerulo January 2015 A method to detect homologous long non coding RNAs from synteny blocks
Vittoria Nardone Antonella Santone December 2014 Model checking probabilistico per l’inferenza di reti geniche