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Courses, tutorials, and talks

Courses, tutorial, and talks

Introduction to R

A 3 days short introduction to R programming language and its usage in bioinformatics related fields.

1.0 Introduction day 1 slides
1.1 Variables, types, and expressions day 1 slides
1.2 Functions and IO day 1 slides
1.3 Basic flow control day 1 slides
exercise session 1
2.1 Vectors, matrices, and data frame day 2 slides
exercise session 2
2.2 Advanced flow control day 2 slides
exercise session 3
3.1 Sequence analysis with Biostrings day 3 slides
exercise session 4

Machine Learning with R

A basic course on machine learning with examples in R.

0.0 Introduction day 1 slides
1.0 Explore and understand data day 2 slides
datasets and scripts
1.1 kNN day 3 slides
datasets and scripts
1.2 Naive Bayes day 4 slides
datasets and scripts
1.3 Decision trees day 5 slides
datasets and scripts
1.4 Association rules day 6 slides
datasets and scripts
1.5 Support Vector Machine day 7 slides
datasets and scripts
1.6 Model Evaluation day 8 slides
datasets and scripts

Recent talks

Who Title When Where Downloads
Luigi Cerulo Reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks, applications in cancer datasets and beyond Nov, 2016 Convivio sull’ereditarietà e XIV Congresso AIFEG, Verona slides
Luigi Cerulo Bioinformatics, an introduction Mar, 2016 Benevento slides